Signatture for Influencers

Signatture provides safer a way to provide
one-on-one access to your audience.

Using Signatture as a paywall, you can filter out noise
and focus on meaningful conversations with your audience.

How It Works
  1. 1) Sign Up for Signatture using your private e-mail address
         where you want to recieve paid user emails
  2. 2) Create a Signatture alias ( example:
  3. 3) Set your per e-mail price.
  4. 4) Share your alias (such as: with your audience
  5. 5) Receive e-mails on your email from those who paid to contact you.
  6. 6) You can safely reply to users without exposing your personal e-mail address.
Costs & Fees
Signatture will charge 30% of each user transaction at or above $20 USD,
and 50% of transactions below $20 USD.

NOTE: The minimal amount you can charge is $5 USD per E-Mail